July 2020 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Atlantic salmon released into Lake Kara for start of the season will provide some action for local anglers.
July 31, 2020

Atlantic salmon released into Lake Kara for start of season

The new trout season begins tomorrow. To support angling opportunities in regional areas we have stocked 100 Atlantic salmon into Lake Kara. At an average weight of over 1.5kg, they will test the skills of any angler. Remember the bag limit in Lake Kara is 5 fish total, of which only 2 may measure longer...

Scene from Lake Leake webcam
July 31, 2020

Lake Leake webcam launched

Ready for the new fishing season Anglers Alliance Tasmania have just installed a new webcam at Lake Leake camera. The installation was undertaken by Malcolm Crosse and his team. This camera adds to the Anglers Alliance webcam network which allows viewers to look at the lake conditions around the state. Anglers Alliance Tasmania do a...

Adipose fin clipped brown trout at Four Springs Lake
July 31, 2020

Four Springs Lake trout survey

In May this year we clipped the adipose fin of 2,000 adult brown trout from the spawning run at yingina / Great Lake and transferred them to Four Springs Lake.  The fins were clipped in preparation for a fisheries performance assessment, using box traps, that was done on between 21-24 July.  The fin clips allow...

Hatchery and Stocking Manager Brett Mawbey with a lovely brown trout from the Arthurs Lake spawning run
July 31, 2020

Brown trout opening weekend set to be a beauty!

Following on from the disruption to people’s lives at the end of the 2019-20 season, the vibe is definitely one of anticipation and excitement as we usher in the 2020-21 Brown Trout season on Saturday 1 August. The fantastic staff of the Inland Fisheries Service Hatchery & Stocking branch have been working through challenging times...

Lake Sorell brown trout
July 30, 2020

Lake Sorell 2020-21

Lake Sorell will be open to anglers on Saturday 1 August 2020 in line with the start of the brown trout season. Note: Temporary periods of closure will be required during spring and summer and these may occur at short notice to achieve carp eradication. The Lake Sorell fishery is likely to have a similar...