March 2013 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Big Trout Return to Crescent
March 28, 2013

Anglers beware- big trout return to Crescent

With 3 years of good winter rains and Lake Crescent holding good water levels rumors were about that some large trout have been taken by anglers willing to commit some time and effort to fishing in this lake. Fish in the 5-6kg range have been mentioned. During recent carp surveys IFS officers captured some of...

March 28, 2013

Surveys Indicate No New Carp

The Lake Crescent juvenile carp survey was conducted from Tuesday the 12th to Friday the 15th of March. The aim of this survey was to confirm that carp had not re-established back into Lake Crescent, and to look for any signs of new recruitment if spawning had occurred during the past few months. This survey...

Electrofishing on the Clyde River
March 27, 2013

Annual Survey for Carp in the Clyde River

This week the Carp Management Team undertook a carp distribution surveyof the Clyde River using back pack electrofishing equipment. The survey examines selected sites that possess ideal carp habitat from immediately downstream of Lake Crescent to Hamilton. The survey has been undertaken annually since carp were first found in lakes Crescent and Sorell. Importantly no...

The recent rise in lake level has made the boat ramp at Huntsman again serviceable.
March 26, 2013

Huntsman Lake boat ramp reopened

Due to a 5 m rise in water levels at the Huntsman Lake over the last week the boat ramp is once again able to be used for launch and retrieve of boats.

The IFS display at the Hamilton Show highlighting the Carp Management Program
March 25, 2013

Efforts of Carp Management Program on display at Hamilton Show

The IFS attended the Hamilton Show on Saturday 23 March with a trailer display focused on the work being undertaken further up the Clyde River catchment to protect the environmental values of lakes Sorell and Crescent from European carp. With carp successfully eradicated from Lake Crescent the Carp Management Program has been focusing on blocking...