December 2015 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Casting is not only fun, it may get you fitter.
Dec. 24, 2015

Fitness - another reason to go fishing

Going fishing is not only a great way to relax and unwind but it also offers health benefits. So next time you are told you need to do some exercise tell them you are going fishing! Wading for 4 hours burns 4184 kilojoules (1000 calories) Casting works the deltoid, triceps and bicep muscles Swift river...

Household rubbish dumped at a popular fishing spot on the River Derwent
Dec. 24, 2015

Stop rubbishing our prime fishing spots

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has fined two men in separate incidents of dumping rubbish and littering at a popular fishing spot on the River Derwent between Bridgewater and New Norfolk, while a third person is under investigation for rubbish dumping at the same site. Director of Inland Fisheries, Mr John Diggle said that the...

IFS Director, John Diggle, releasing an Atlantic salmon at Kara during a previous stocking
Dec. 22, 2015

Christmas comes early for northwest anglers

Today (22 December 2015) 70 salmon weighing 3 kg and 500 rainbow trout weighing 350 grams are being stocked into Lake Kara. We would like to thank Tassal at Russell Falls for the donation of the salmon and Huon Aquaculture at Millibrook for the equally cheerful donation of the rainbow trout. It looks like most...

Dec. 21, 2015

Great Lake and Arthurs Lake boat ramp access

Hydro Tasmania understands that low lake levels may impact upon the usual activities of many Tasmanians including recreational users such as boaters, anglers, shack owners and campers. We intend to keep all Tasmanians informed about our actions and activities as we work through this dry period. Arthurs Lake and Great Lake are two lakes that...

Bob French with a quality 2.5lb fish he caught whilst talking to Fisheries Officer Paul Middleton
Dec. 17, 2015

The new anglers access at Talbots Lagoon is already paying great dividends to anglers

There have been stories of some fantastic fish caught over the weekend and early this week, with anglers making the most of the improved tracks around the lake and interpretive signage.  One of our Fisheries Officers Paul Middleton was there talking to anglers yesterday and helped Bob French land this quality 2.5lb fish. The beautiful...