Get some expert advice

Tasmania offers a range of trout fishing experiences. Sometimes it can help to get some expert advice.

The need for fishing advice depends on the type of fishing experience you are after and your level of angling expertise.

Tackle stores can provide local angling advice. For the beginner, fishing with a more experienced angler is a proven method of learning.

The Trout Fish Tasmania brochure is a good guide for the new or visiting angler. For fishing basics, try the Let’s Go Trout Fishing brochure.

Trout Guides and Lodges

The use of an experienced and accredited guide can make the difference between success and failure for the visiting or novice angler. Tasmania offers a full range of professional guiding services including one day fishing lessons for beginners through to fully guided expeditions.

All guides operating in Tasmania are required to meet certified and audited accreditation standards, including the Tourism Council of Tasmania endorsement. Trout Guides and Lodges Tasmania Inc (TGALT) is the industry body whose members hold these endorsements. For TGALT members go to

Anglers Alliance Tasmania

Anglers Alliance Tasmania (AAT) is the peak body for fresh water anglers, providing a combined angler voice recognised by Government. AAT represents the interests of all anglers through a network of angling clubs. Joining an angling club is an excellent way to learn and share knowledge about trout fishing.

The AAT website provides a variety of information for anglers including real time webcams of popular waters and club and industry contacts. For more information go to

Private Fisheries

There are a number of registered private fisheries in Tasmania that provide a range of fishing experiences. An angling licence is not required to fish at these locations but fees apply.

The following Private Fisheries are currently registered. Check the opening hours before you go.

28 Gates Luxury Farmstay & Fishery
662 Marked Tree Road, Gretna, TAS 7140
03 6286 1319
Ashworth Enterprises Pty Ltd
30 McKibbens Road, Geeveston, TAS 7116
03 6291 0030
Cradle Mountian Lodge
4038 Cradle Mountain Road
Cradle Mountain, TAS 7306
03 6492 2100
Currawong Lakes
1204 Long Marsh Rd,
Lake Leake, TAS 7210
0409 819 646

Edwards Holdings Pty Ltd
2369 Cradle Moinrtain Road
Moina, TAS 7306

03 6492 1371
Herne Lagoon
6011 Highland Lakes Road, Steppes, TAS 7030
03 6259 8042
Highland Waters Estate
Highland Waters Estate Victoria Valley Road
Bronte Park, TAS 7140
0427 891 159
London Lakes Land
5000 Victoria Valley Road
Bronte Park, TAS 7140
0428 611 270
Natone Hills Fly Fishery
67 Gretna Road
Natone, TAS 7321
(03) 6436 2181
Snowy Range Cabins & Fishing
733 Denison Road
Lonnavale, TAS 7109

Twin Lakes Sporting Retreat
172 Nugent Road, Buckland, TAS 7190
0417 179 285
White Hot Industries Pty Ltd
21554 Tasman Highway, Four Mile Creek, TAS 7216
(03) 6420 6900