Inland Fisheries Advisory Council

The Inland Fisheries Advisory Council (IFAC) was formally established in 2000 under the Inland Fisheries Act 1995.

Its principal role is to advise the Minister on inland fisheries issues, provide a forum  for consultation, promote understanding and acceptance of the functions of the Director  of Inland Fisheries, encourage community support for fisheries management activities and  review management plans for inland fisheries.

The following table lists current members.

Name Membership Representation/Role
Dr Liza Fallon Chairperson
Julie Butler Ministerial appointment
Adam Chapman Representing freshwater commercial fisheries
Andy Taylor Conservation of freshwater ecosystems
Fiona Dewar

Representing tourism

Howard Jones Representing freshwater angling associations
Andrew Reed Representing the southern area
Julianne Stevens Representing the northern area
Sheryl Thompson Representing the north-western area
John Diggle Director of Inland Fisheries

Adam Chapman

Adam Chapman is the Commercial representative of the IFAC.

He has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of Aquaculture, Commercial Fisheries and Environmental Management .

Passionate about sustainability, Adam would like to see improved outcomes for native freshwater species with a clear focus to increase native fish habitat and populations. Native Species such as Estuary Perch, Pygmy Perch and Galaxias require protection from introduced species and this is one of Adam’s clear concerns.

As the commercial representative there will be a clear purpose to bring the small Tasmanian Eel industry to the forefront of fisheries management with a goal to see the fishery expand in the future.

Adam has fished widely throughout Australia and Overseas with a clear passion for surf fishing and chasing Mulloway on mainland Australia and a love for Salmonid species wherever they reside.

Adam is currently the Kingborough Anglers STLAA representative and the Environmental Manager (Freshwater) at Huon Aquaculture.

Portrait of Dr Liza Fallon

Dr Liza Fallon

Dr Liza Fallon is the Chair of IFAC, having first been appointed in 2015 as the conservation of freshwater ecosystems representative.

She has extensive experience in natural resource management, land use planning and strategic policy development at the state, national and international levels.

Liza holds a doctorate in international governance and Southern Ocean fisheries management, was a lead author of the Tasmanian State of the Environment Report and has worked as a hydrographer assessing the condition of Tasmania’s rivers.

Liza is currently a planning adviser with the Tasmanian Government.

Portrait of Julianne Stevens

Julianne Stevens

Julianne Stevens started her working life in the banking industry, had a gap with raising children, and then worked in retail and interior design.

In 1996 Julianne and her husband Mike formed Stevens Publishing Pty Ltd, which started the fishing magazine, Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News and have produced over 140 editions since. It is the only Tasmanian specific fishing magazine. It is also available electronically.

Stevens Publishing has also published many books – mostly fishing, but other general books as well. They have published books by David Scholes, Noel Jetson, Jim Findlay, Roy Dean, Donald Boden, Ian Pullar and many others. Rare and collectable books have been republished as well.

Julianne and Mike bought Essential Flyfisher in 2016 and she works full time in the business. Essential Flyfisher was established in 2000 in Launceston and is considered by many as one of the best fly fishing shops in the world. It is visited by a diverse range of anglers from locals to interstate and international. During the World Flyfishing Championships in 2019 it was a hub of activity and meeting place for 25 international teams. Julianne fishes several times a week and loves stream fishing best. She is actively involved in Girls Gone Flyfishing and supports women in fishing.

Julianne is Chair of The Lions Club, City of Launceston and has held this position for the past two years.

Portrait of Sheryl Thompson

Sheryl Thompson

I have been involved in angling and angling administration for forty five years.

I am an advocate for women and children to experience the sport of fishing having organised Ladies Day Girls fishing Day Out for the past 14 years.

I am an experienced trout angler with a comprehensive knowledge of all forms of angling with no bias opinions of any method.

I come to the table representing recreational anglers in the North West and West Coasts of Tasmania.