January 2016 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Jan. 27, 2016

Closure of boat ramps at Lake Burbury

Hydro Tasmania and Marine and Safety Tasmania advise that all three formally recognised boat ramps at Lake Burbury have been closed due to low lake levels as a result of unprecedented low inflows. This includes Darwin Dam, Lake Burbury camp ground and Thureau Hills boat ramps. These ramps will remain closed until water levels increase...

Jan. 21, 2016

Closure of boat ramps at Great Lake

Hydro Tasmania have advised that only one formally recognised boat ramp remains open at Great Lake. Prior to Christmas 2015, Cramps Bay and Swan Bay boat ramps were closed as they were not usable with current lake levels. This month (January 2016), Tods Corner, Haddens Bay and Brandum Bay boat ramps have been closed. The...

Jan. 20, 2016

Tasmania PWS advise not to use Western Lakes tracks

On their Facebook page, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service have issued the following parks and track closure notice for 20 January 2016. WALLS OF JERUSALEM NATIONAL PARK AND THE CENTRAL PLATEAU CONSERVATION AREA Due to a bushfire in the Mersey Forest Road area, the Walls of Jerusalem National Park and part of the Central Plateau...

Jan. 18, 2016

Lake Fergus offers an excellent day walk fishery

On Tuesday (5 January 2016) Inland Fisheries officers inspected the walking route to Lake Fergus. The walk starts at the Little Pine Lagoon dam wall car park and follows the north western side of the lagoon and then turns north up the Little Pine River valley to Lake Fergus. The nine km walk took two...

Carp captured using monofilament gillnet in a deep section of the Lake Sorell.
Jan. 15, 2016

Latest carp report shows we are winning the battle

Encouraging results for carp eradication continue to be seen as catch rates decline despite a significant increase in effort. The last three months have revealed a dramatic crash in catch per unit effort. There has been a 400% increase in netting effort when compared with the same quarter in 2014 but the catch rates have...