May 2019 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Gravel and grading on Brushy Lagoon Road
May 31, 2019

Brushy Lagoon road works complete

The IFS has recently upgraded the road to the eastern boat ramp at Brushy Lagoon. Vegetation has been cleared from both sides of the road to improve line of sight and the road has been potholed and graded. Anglers should exercise extra care on the road as it is still soft and slippery in places...

Little Pine Lagoon shack boat ramp car parking area has been improved
May 31, 2019

Little Pine Lagoon car park improvements

Improvements and upgrades to the car parks at both boat ramps have been completed at Little Pine Lagoon by IFS. Both car parks have been levelled and graded and topped with gravel and will provide more space and convenience for shack owners and visitors to Little Pine Lagoon.

Forest harvesting is happening at Talbots Lagoon
May 31, 2019

Forest Harvesting Operations Talbots Lagoon

Forico advise that they will be conducting forest harvesting in the vicinity of Talbots Lagoon. Although the fishing season is closed any members of the public that are intending to visit the lagoon should exercise caution on Guildford Road due to truck and equipment movements.

A recent survey indicated that the brown trout in Little Pine averaged over 1kg but some were bigger!
May 31, 2019

Little Pine Lagoon - WFFC19 venue

Little Pine Lagoon will be one of the five venues for the 39th World Fly Fishing Championship to be held in Tasmania between 2 and 6 December 2019. Open and exposed on the Central Highlands the lagoon is known for its incredible sight fishing. Early season to tailing fish and then through summer with fish...

Tasmania's wild brown trout provide a challenge
May 30, 2019

Tasmania's Welcome to World Fly Fishing Championship Teams

On behalf of Tasmania the Minister for responsible for Inland Fisheries, Hon. Guy Barnett, welcomes the teams of the World Fly fishing Championship 2019 in this short video.