November 2016 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Tench remains and some information to help identify carp
Nov. 16, 2016

Phew, it’s tench, not carp.

This week we responded to reports of carp remains left on the bank of Brumby’s. The report came from visiting Victorian anglers. They were familiar with the appearance of this species. All carp sightings reported are taken seriously and fully investigated. The fish remains were successfully located and identified as that of a large tench,...

Brett Mawbey, IFS hatchery manager with an Atlantic Salmon at Brushy Lagoon
Nov. 16, 2016

A few more for Brushy

We released a few more Atlantic salmon into Brushy Lagoon today. That's twice this week. Another 150 at an average of 3kg. Happy fishing all.

Neil Morrow releasing a nice a Atlantic salmon into Lake Kara
Nov. 15, 2016

More stocking around the state

Thanks to our good friends at Petuna we have been busy stocking fisheries around the state. Yesterday morning, we stocked Brushy Lagoon then in the afternoon it was on to Craigbourne Dam. Today we head north west and stocked Lake Kara. All fish stocked were Atlantic salmon averaging 3kg. Happy fishing!

Nineteen Lagoons
Nov. 9, 2016

Nineteen Lagoons open

For those that did not know the gate into the Nineteen Lagoons area was opened last week. We had heard a rumour and our officer went out on Saturday morning and confirmed that it had been opened. Some work has been done on the road so it is in reasonably condition although a bit wet...

Atlantic salmon
Nov. 9, 2016

Salmon stocked into Brushy

Yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 8 November, we stocked 150 Atlantic salmon with an average weight of 3 kg were stocked into Brushy Lagoon. The fish were donated by Snowy Range Fishery near Judbury. Good luck.