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Fishing Near Me

Tasmania has great trout fishing and many different trout fishing experiences.

This page will help you learn more about the different fisheries and choose the one that is right for you.

The good news is there is great trout fishing within two hours drive of Tasmania’s major cities.

Some suggestions for a place to start, depending on which fishing method you use could be:

Bait Fishing

Artificial Lure Fishing


Four Springs Lake

North West

Talbot’s Lagoon


Henty River

Lake Plimsoll


Arthurs Lake

Bronte Lagoon

Lake King William

Woods Lake


River Derwent

But there is so much more to Tasmania’s trout fishery.

Download in the Infish App for iPhone, iPad and Android —

  • Use the slide bar to look for waters within 10 to 300 km from you or use the location pin.
  • Find out how to get there and what the rules are.

Read about the Angler Access Program

  • Making Tasmanian waters more accessible for anglers.
  • Providing a collection of brochures and fact sheets with access information for popular lakes and rivers including maps, rules, safety information, environmental issue and fishery management objectives.

Check accessible angling location

  • Find where the facilities are that makes angling accessible to all

Download the Trout Fish Tasmania Brochure

  • A booklet written for the travelling angler including some of Tasmania most easily accessed trout fisheries.

Search the A-Z of waters

  • Find out more about a water, how it fishes and the rules

Check the latest fish stocking database

  • Sometimes natural recruitment cannot sustain a wild population. We assist these fisheries with fish stocking using wild fish whenever possible.
  • Search this data base for the latest stocking information

Read about fisheries performance

  • Review the results of surveys see how a fishery is performing.