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January 2022 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Boat ramp pontoon
Jan. 31, 2022

Important notice: Do not obstruct floating pontoons

The IFS, Hydro Tasmania and MAST ask that anglers do not place rocks to step on to the floating pontoons around the lakes or throw rocks off the pontoons onto the boat ramps. The pontoons slide on the anchor cables – if there is a gap between the pontoon and the shore simply slide the pontoon...

New book that includes a section on carp management in Tasmania
Jan. 6, 2022

NEW BOOK: Biology and Control of Invasive Fishes

The study and management of invasive fish is a rapidly growing discipline. Across the globe, dozens of highly invasive fish are now found in both fresh and marine waters, where they can alter habitats, compete with native fish for food, and prey on native fishes while exerting both indirect and direct effects on ecosystems and...

A happy crew with a female carp caught in Lake Sorell
Jan. 6, 2022

Lake Sorell Carp Eradication Update

High rainfall in October resulted in Lake Sorell rising quickly. By the start of November, Lake Sorell was 150mm over the full supply level. The last time the lake had filled to this level was in October 2016, when there was still a quite large population of carp, and many were caught in traps set...

Libby with her $2000 trout from Lake Rosebery
Jan. 4, 2022

A winning start to the New Year

Libby Webb broke her ankle back in September and hasn’t been able to go fishing for the past few months. Now that she is fully recovered she had a day fishing from the boat on Lake Rosebery with her husband Chris. While trolling a Stump Jumper lure in the Mackintosh River arm of Lake Rosebery...