August 2013 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Electrofishing the states rivers during 2013 has shown some interesting results.
Aug. 30, 2013

Tasmanian rivers electrofishing survey 2013

Following concerns from anglers, guides and angling groups regarding the status of river populations of trout around Tasmania the IFS conducted an electrofishing survey of 11 of the state's rivers. In line with anglers concerns the results indicated that there was wide spread depletion amongst the state's river brown trout populations. Comparisons made with the...

The latest stocking of salmon provides a boost for Meadowbank Lake.
Aug. 29, 2013

Meadowbank Lake receives salmon stocking for Fathers Day

Yesterday (28 August 2013) Meadowbank Lake received 1,050 Atlantic salmon averaging 1.5 kg. These fish were kindly donated by SALTAS from their Wayatinah hatchery. The salmon should provide a boost to the lake which was drained for Hydro Tasmania works earlier this year. So get Dad enthused for a Fathers Day fishing expedition. Meadobank Lake...

Careful inspection of the barrier nets ensures that carp will be excluded from spawning habitat.
Aug. 29, 2013

Carp Team prepare for the upcoming spawning season

Despite cold conditions the Carp Management Team has been busy preparing for the oncoming carp spawning season that can commence anytime from October onwards through the warmer months. Once mature, carp are stimulated to spawn by warming water and rising lake levels. They are attracted into flooded wetlands that provide the ideal conditions for their...

Fisheries Lane Brumbys Creek re-opened
Aug. 26, 2013

Fisheries Lane Brumbys Creek re-opens

Fisheries Lane at Brumbys creek has been re-opened to traffic again. It was closed last week due to heavy rain but has dried out enough to allow vehicles on it again. Anglers are asked to drive slowly to minimise road damage as there are still several wet areas on the road.

The footbridge that sits idle most of the time really pays for itself in times of spill such as now (August 2013).
Aug. 26, 2013

Little Pine Lagoon spilling

Anglers must at time wonder why IFS placed the foot bridge below the dam wall at Little Pine Lagoon. The bridge is the starting point for access to the western shore of the lagoon and the walking track to Lake Fergus. For most of the year it sits high and dry with no water flowing...