Inland Fisheries Service News

IFS staff cutting cumbungi
Jan. 28, 2020

Cumbungi control at Four Spring Lake

We monitored and completed follow up control of cumbungi infestation at Four Springs Lake. On Friday 24 January, we inspected the nine known cumbungi infestation sites. We found 20 stems in total at four sites. We cut the stems below the water as this has proven to be a successful control method. We surveyed the...

Australian team member Jonothan Stagg fishing the Meander River
Jan. 21, 2020

More Meander River anglers access

As part of the Government’s commitment to improve angler’s access, we have improved foot access to the Meander River between Jackeys Creek and Huntsman Lake. 5km of walking tracks lead to the river from two new parking areas on Warners Road, off Jackeys Marsh Road. The new tracks, developed for the World Fly Fishing Championship...

IFS Staff member, Jonah Yick, presenting at the National Recreational Fishing Conference 2019
Jan. 14, 2020

Inland Fisheries Service attends the 2019 National Recreational Fishing Conference

In Dec last year, Hobart hosted the 2019 National Recreational Fishing Conference. The conference is organised by Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation. This year’s theme was “Our Fishing, Our Research, Our Recreational Future”. This focussed on recreational fishing citizen science programs. Around 130 delegates came from all over Australia. These including scientists, fisheries managers, recreational fishing...

Winning photo Tasmania Trout Fishing Photo by Shaun Chooper "Keep em wet" taken at Lake Fergus
Jan. 10, 2020

Trout Fishing Photography Competition 2019-20

The IFS Trout Fishing Photography Competition is back for 2019-20. We want your best Tasmanian trout fishing photos. Enter photos of fishing families, anglers, scenery and, of course, trout. 1st Place: $500, 2nd Place: 1 x pair Neoprene waders (Fly 'n Dry), 3rd and 4th Place: 10 x Lures (Hueys Lures). Entries is free and...

Fishing and camping - what better way to spend the summer holidays.
Jan. 3, 2020

Fishing report from the festive season

The Christmas/New Year period in the Central Highlands saw some fantastic conditions for fishing. Our Officers were out on patrol and witnessed some great catches. Several waters were visited and boat patrols conducted on several waters. From a fishing perspective Great Lake fished well for anglers trolling with lead lines, particularly early and late in...