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Inland Fisheries Service News

A beautiful winter's day on Huntsman Lake
July 12, 2018

Huntsman Lake is offering good all year fishing

Fisheries officers checked a number of anglers enjoying a perfect winter’s day fishing at Huntsman Lake. Small but well conditioned brown trout were being caught on lures and fly. The lake level is rising slowly bringing fish into the shallows at first and last light. There is plenty of water for launching and retrieving boats....

A brown trout collected during the 2018 fishery performance assessment of Little Pine Lagoon
July 10, 2018

Little Pine Lagoon turns it around

The signs from a fishery surveys suggest Little Pine Lagoon is well and truly on the up. Over recent years, anglers fishing for brown trout at Little Pine Lagoon have experienced a daily catch rate well below the long-term average. The reasons for this are still unclear but survey results are starting to show a...

The Seaward Limit of the Coal River at Saltbush Point
July 3, 2018

An update on fishing in the Coal River

Inland Fisheries Service Officers visited the Coal River today after yesterday’s reports of illegal fishing. Our Officer did detect people fishing in closed waters. We would like to remind you that most inland rivers and lakes are currently closed to fishing. This does include the Coal River for taking of salmonids. The boundary between where...

The Inland Fisheries Service logo
July 2, 2018

Illegal fishing in the Coal River

We have had some reports of illegal fishing in the Coal River. Most inland rivers and lakes are currently closed to fishing, including the Coal River for the taking of salmonids. This is to protect brown trout on their spawning run in autumn and early winter. The boundary between where you can and cannot fish...

The Tasmanian Inland Recreational Fishery Management Plan
June 27, 2018

Tasmanian Inland Fishery Management Plan 2018-28

Today, Sarah Courtney, Minister for Primary Industries and Water, launched the Tasmanian Inland Recreational Fishery Management Plan 2018-28. The Plan will guide the management of the recreational trout fishery in Tasmania for the next 10 years. It aims to provide a sustainable, vibrant and healthy fishery. After extensive public consultation, the Plan provides better opportunities...