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September 2023 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Henry Whetlor, 13 yrs old, proudly showing a brown trout he caught in the River Clyde with a black and gold lure
Sept. 26, 2023

What a cracker of a weekend for fishing

Well, the weekend weather was kind with little wind and fine conditions to greet the keen anglers around the State.  Our Officers checked a number of fish and keen fishers who reported good catches in both lake and river settings using all methods. The weather forecast for this weekend is again looking good. Compliance with...

Sept. 26, 2023

Penstock Lagoon day use area - works notice

From Monday the 25th of September for a period of approximately 2 weeks there will be works being undertaken at the Penstock Lagoon Day Use Area. The works consist of the construction of a 1 meter wide gravel walkway along the levee along with ramp access to the carparks. The pathway will extend from the Day...

The Parks and Wildlife Service report the boom gates on the Lake Augusta Road and Double Lagoon track have been opened today
Sept. 25, 2023

Lake Augusta Road and Double Lagoon boom gates open

The Parks and Wildlife Service advise the boom gate on Lake Augusta Road has been re-opened for public access as of today (25 September 2023), along with the boom gate to Double Lagoon. Vehicle access to ​​​​​Pillans Lake and Talinah Lagoon will remain closed with a view to reopen on 1 November 2023 (approximately) subject to...

Freshwater shrimp, snails and other invertebrates are not permitted to be imported into Tasmania
Sept. 22, 2023

Rules around importing live aquatic animals

The Inland Fisheries Service does not permit the importation of any invertebrates except live blackworms (Lumbriculus variegatus). This means arthropods (like shrimp and crayfish) and molluscs (like snails and mussels) are prohibited and must not be imported. Only the live importation of aquatic organisms that are listed on the Permissible Imports List - Freshwater Aquarium...

Access for anglers
Sept. 21, 2023

The Tasmanian Anglers Access Program

Neil Morrow has been the part of the Inland Fisheries Service (IFS) Anglers Access Project since its inception in 2007, and in that time has helped gain access for anglers to over 350km of river, mostly on private land in some of the most beautiful areas of the state. Watch the video. “The process often...