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Dec 13, 2017

Atlantic salmon into Brushy Lagoon and Craigbourne Dam

Today 380 Atlantic salmon averaging 1.5 kg were stocked into Brushy Lagoon. This following 606 similar sized salmon into Craigbourne Dam last Thursday. All of these fish were generously donated ...

Dec 13, 2017

Gunns Marsh Road cleared at Cowpaddock Bay

Gunns Marsh Road is open. The large tree which had fallen across the road at Cowpaddock Bay has been cleared and access is available again into northern end of Cowpaddock Bay, Tumbledown and the ...

Dec 12, 2017

Lake St. Clair boat ramp upgrade completed.

MAST has advised that the Lake St. Clair boat ramp has been reopened after a recent upgrade. The project to rebuild the top end of the ramp and construction of a new walkway was funded by the ...

Dec 12, 2017

Gunns Marsh Road blocked at Cowpaddock Bay

A large tree has fallen across Gunns Marsh Road at Cowpaddock Bay blocking access to the northern end of Cowpaddock Bay, Tumbledown and the track to Gunns and Little lakes. ...

Dec 12, 2017

Shannon Lagoon performance assessment – the full result

Fisheries Performance Assessment - Shannon Lagoon 2017 population of larger than average trout ...