January 2016 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Jan. 12, 2016

Boundary Bay boat launching at Great Lake

With the closure of Tods Corner and Haddens Bay boat ramps Boundary Bay is the preferred site for boat launching at Great Lake. Excellent shark fishing has been experienced on sunny days with up to 20 boats being launched from Boundary Bay. Recently trailers have been left in the water and vehicles parked on the...

Picture: Jonah Yick with some of the carp caught from the Powells Bay aggregation
Jan. 12, 2016

Good weather results in increased carp removal

The recent stretch of warm, sunny, settled weather provided the ideal opportunity for targeting carp that were gathering in the shallow sandy shores of Powell’s Bay in Lake Sorell. The IFS carp eradication team shocked a number of carp in close proximity to one another in an intensive electrofishing effort and also set a combination...

Very low lake levels have made the main ramp at Lake Leake unservicible.
Jan. 6, 2016

Lake Leake boat ramp closed due to low lake levels

Very low water levels at Lake Leake have seen the closure of the main boat ramp. The low water levels will continue to be challenging for boaters at many waters. Great Lake and Lake Burbury will continue to be difficult for launching, particularly for larger boats. Boundary Bay continues to be the preferred option on...

Byron Bruce with a fine rainbow trout from Great Lake
Jan. 6, 2016

Fabulous fishing in the highlands over the Christmas break

The central highlands provided some great weather and good catches of trout for anglers visiting between Christmas and New Year. The overcast and cool conditions on Boxing Day provided fantastic dun hatches on highland lakes whilst the following week provided clear skies and light winds for boaters on the larger lakes and those looking to...

Talbots Lagoon in the northwest was on of many location that fisheries officers patrolled over the Christmas break.
Jan. 6, 2016

Pleasing to see that most anglers are doing the right thing

During Christmas and New Year Fisheries Officers conducted land and boat patrols that included waters right across the central highland plateau, south to the River Derwent, northwest to Talbots Lagoon and west to Lake Burbury. Around 500 anglers were inspected and a small number of offences were detected including unlicensed fishing, unattended set rods and...