Pleasing to see that most anglers are doing the right thing

Talbots Lagoon in the northwest was on of many location that fisheries officers patrolled over the Christmas break.

During Christmas and New Year Fisheries Officers conducted land and boat patrols that included waters right across the central highland plateau, south to the River Derwent, northwest to Talbots Lagoon and west to Lake Burbury.

Around 500 anglers were inspected and a small number of offences were detected including unlicensed fishing, unattended set rods and failure to wear Personal Floatation Devices when motoring in boats.  Fisheries Officers issued 11 infringement and two conditional caution notices in relation to these offences.

Anglers are reminded that an inland angling licence is required to fish in inland waters and it is necessary to be within eight metres of your fishing equipment, with it being visible at all times.

Fisheries Officers are impressed with the improvement in boat safety since the beginning of the season on many lakes, but boaters are reminded to continue this positive trend on ALL waters.  It is compulsory to wear an approved life jacket (PFD) in a vessel under six metres while under propulsion and the minimum safety equipment for motor boats on inland waters includes a fire extinguisher, bailer, bucket or bilge pump, auxiliary propulsion of either paddles, oars or outboard, and anchor rope and chain.  Flares, EPIRBs and radios are not compulsory equipment on lakes defined as “smooth waters”, but are strongly encouraged.

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