Inland Fisheries Service News

Infish App. 2.0 Go fishing with everything you need in your pocket.
May 27, 2022

Do you have the latest version of the Infish App. 2.0?

We have become aware that there is a version of Infish App. 2.0 with incorrect information in particular about the rules for some waters. To make sure you have the correct and up to date information you may need to do an update through the App. store. Remember if in doubt refer the latest Tasmanian...

Craigbourne Dam remains open and is a popular all year round fishery
May 26, 2022

Some waters are about to close to fishing

On Sunday 29 May the fishing season at many inland waters come to the end for the 2021-22 season. Waters managed for rainbow trout that will close are: Dee Lagoon Junction Lake Lake Meston Lake Rowallan Lake Skinner Lake Youd Mersey River above Lake Rowallan River Leven upstream of Loongana Road Weld rivers (both North and...

The eastern mosquito fish (Gambusia holbrooki) - a real pest.
May 25, 2022

Making sure your fish are pets not pests.

Aquarium fish pose a risk to Tasmania’s freshwater environment. We have recently reviewed the Permissible Imports List – Freshwater Aquarium Fish. To make sure freshwater aquarium fish are safe to import we check them against a range of criteria. The criteria include: Would the fish establish a population in the wild if they escaped? What...

Families enjoyed the wild brown trout at Trout Weekend 2022
May 24, 2022

Trout Weekend 2022 enjoyed by all.

A crowd of of around 2500 turned out over the two days for Trout Weekend 2022. The weather was perfect, with blue skies and no wind. The wild brown trout were the focus that everyone came to see and they weren't disappointed. It was great to see the smiling faces and IFS staff enjoyed talking...

A wild brown trout at Liawenee
May 18, 2022

The wild brown trout spawning run is on!

The wild brown trout migration is in full swing from yingina / Great Lake. Come to Trout Weekend 2022 at Liawenee, see this amazing spectacle as thousands of trout move up stream to spawn and talk to Inland Fisheries Service staff about their work. Trout Weekend 2022 is all outside. The weather forecast looks good...