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Inland Fisheries Service News

Highland dun - the subimago stage of a mayfly
Nov. 18, 2020

Duns popping on Penstock

Report just in - Highland duns have started pouring off Penstock Lagoon and the fish are on them. They are eating hatching mayfly and nymphs well. A high proportion of rainbows currently being caught but still plenty of browns to keep the shore anglers going. Big splashy rises and fish in good condition. It going...

Nov. 12, 2020

Call to trout fisherman to collect river health data

The National Waterbug Blitz is all about waterbug data and how it can help us figure out which of our rivers are in good health, and which of them are on the ropes.  You can contribute using the app (available for Apple iOs and Android phones - but not windows), or you can just use the...

A healthy whitebait catch during the 2020 season
Nov. 12, 2020

Whitebait Season 2020 draws to a close

It wasn't without its weather challenges, but the 2020 whitebait season has drawn to a close. The season runs each year from 1 October to 11 November. This year Inland Fisheries Officers checked over 100 fishers, with results varying across the state depending on the rainfall. Conditions across the season were good at the start,...

Alicia Smith, Geoffrey Brown and Ronald Brown with their 15 fish caught from Athurs Lake
Nov. 3, 2020

Northern Recreation Day long weekend report

The northern Recreation Day long weekend saw many anglers flock to the trout fishing Mecca that is the Central Highlands of Tasmania. Fantastic weather conditions, sunshine and light to moderate winds created very pleasant angling conditions. Fisheries Officers were on patrol and saw some fantastic fish caught. yingina / Great Lake is at a very...

yingina/Great Lake spawning rainbow trout
Oct. 28, 2020

Liawenee Rainbow Trout Spawning Run 2020

The rainbow trout spawning run has just finished at Liawenee. This year, 920 adult rainbow trout were caught in the fish trap. Rainbow trout in yingina/Great Lake are less abundant than brown trout and the populations are monitored by how many fish are capture in the trap at spawning time. A typical brown trout spawning...