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Inland Fisheries Service News

The Minister for Inland Fisheries, Hon. Guy Barnett inspects the new toilet facilities at Penstock Lagoon boat ramp
June 21, 2019

New toilets at popular fishing locations

The Minister responsible for Inland Fisheries, the Hon. Guy Barnett officially opened one of two new toilets at Penstock Lagoon today. Construction has started at the other locations with all on track to be completed prior to the trout season opening on Saturday 3 August.  The Inland Fisheries Service is improving amenities at boat ramps and...

The Tasmanian Government logo
June 21, 2019

Do not eat fish warning for North Esk

Public Health Services has detected per- and poly-fluroalkyl substance (PFAS) in fish (including eels) from the North Esk River downstream of Corra Linn Gorge. We are issuing precautionary advice not to eat any fish, including eels, caught in this stretch of the river until further notice. This section of the North Esk River is already...

An excavator was used to remove snags from in front of the boat ramp
June 18, 2019

Tooms Lake boat ramp upgrade

Marine and Safety Tasmania and Inland Fisheries have jointly funded an upgrade to the Tooms Lake boat ramp. Taking advantage of the current low lake level of - 2.60 m below the spillway, contractors removed stumps and snags from the vicinity of the ramp, extended the gravel ramp to the current water level and repaired...

Tyenna Willow Warriors
June 17, 2019

Native trees planted on the Tyenna River with the Derwent Catchment Project

With fantastic weather and a great crew the Willow Warriors planted 700 native rushes, shrubs and trees along a stretch of the Tyenna River replacing recently removed willows. The willows, removed by the landholders at the Westerway Raspberry Farm, had been restricting access to the river and impacting on fish habitat. As they grow, our...

Jeremy Wade and Jonah Yick discuss carp management Tasmanian "style"
June 7, 2019

Dark Waters - Discovery Channel and Animal Planet in Tasmania

In November last year the British television presenter and biologist Jeremy Wade travelled to Tasmania to do some filming for his latest TV show, Dark Waters. This particular episode is focused on the Tasmanian Giant Freshwater Crayfish (Astacopsis gouldi), but it also covers the carp management, the threatened golden galaxias, the river blackfish, and some...