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Inland Fisheries Service News

Canal Bay - yingina/Great Lake
April 5, 2021

Reminder to anglers of Canal Bay, yingina/Great Lake season closure

Canal Bay is the only part of yingina/Great Lake that has a closed season. The closure is to protect trout, both brown and rainbow prior to them entering Liawenee Canal to spawn. Anglers are reminded that Canal Bay closed on 28 March 2021and opens again for fishing from the Saturday closest to 1 December each year...

Improved western access to Pet Reservoir
April 1, 2021

Pet Reservoir - access works complete

Pet Reservoir now has improved access for older and mobility impaired anglers. Works have been completed to improve the parking area close to the existing access on the western side of the dam, the path to the edge of the dam and widen pedestrian access. The reservoir is home to a healthy population of brown and...

The last of three carp caught in Lake Sorell this summer.
March 29, 2021

Carp findings!

The Carp Management Program held its yearly Workshop on the 24 - 25 March. Over the two days we analysed the data collected during the past spring and summer. We assessed how the carp removal is progressing and what can be done to complete the eradication of carp from Tasmania. Key findings are: - The fishing...

Tagged brown trout at Lake Binney
March 29, 2021

Bradys Chain provides double the fun!

During June 2019 the IFS as part of a fishery performance assessment, tagged, weighed and measured 3,500 adult brown trout collected from the Lake King William fish trap.  These fish were transferred into Bradys Chain of Lakes to assist in the assessment of the fishery and to supplement stock.  So far 111 fish have been...

Fiona caught a $10 000 trout. Can you?
March 29, 2021

4 x $10 000 tagged trout still to be caught!

Young Fiona Batterham caught the $10 000 tagged trout from Lake Rowallan in October but there are still four more to be caught as part of the Tasmanian Tagged Trout promotion. If you would like to try your luck head to Arthurs Lake, yingina / Great Lake, Lake Burbury and Lake Pedder for a chance...