February 2021 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Could this be the last female carp from Lake Sorell?
Feb. 9, 2021

Carp almost gone!

At the start of spring it was estimated that there were less than five carp in the Lake Sorell. Intensive fishing started in late October, as the water warmed and carp are known to become more active. The Carp Management Program staff set an average of over 7km of gill net every day in Lake...

Lake Sorell from Cradle Hill
Feb. 4, 2021

Lake Sorell to reopen

Lake Sorell will re-opened to the public from Saturday 6 February 2021. This follows the temporary closure of the lake to allow additional fishing effort to further drive down the remaining carp population. After more than 26 years of carp eradication work 41,499 carp have been removed from Lake Sorell and screens are being maintained...

Fishing platform at Risdon Brook Dam
Feb. 4, 2021

Risdon Brook Dam reopens

Risdon Brook Dam was reopened to the public on 29 January 2021 after a lengthy closure due to storm damage and to allow upgrades to public facilities: https://www.taswater.com.au/Community---Environment/Risdon-Brook-Park. This is great news for anglers with disabilities as the water level is currently suitable for fishing from the two purpose built platforms. The water is reserved for anglers with...