November 2016 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

John, Neil and Brett from IFS having breakfast with some of the Australian Trout Foundation in Mansfield, Vic
Nov. 7, 2016


On the weekend, IFS Staff John, Neil and Brett attended Talk Wild Trout 2016 in Mansfield, Victoria. Talk Wild Trout is a yearly event held by Fisheries Victoria. It takes a look at trout fishery management across the Victoria. It’s a great for us because we get to share information and benefit from the knowledge...

Atlantic salmon
Nov. 4, 2016

Salmon into Craigbourne

Today, Friday 4 November, 143 Atlantic salmon with an average weight of 3 kg were stocked into Craigbourne Dam. The fish were donated by Snowy Range Fishery near Judbury. If all goes to plan a similar stocking is proposed for Brushy Lagoon next week. Stay tuned.

Anglers, we need your help
Nov. 3, 2016


The pest fish species, Redfin perch are present in the Mersey River To work out how widely Redfin are spread in the Mersey River, its inflowing creeks and farm dams we need YOUR help. Over the coming months if you catch a Redfin perch in the Mersey River or its catchment, please, can you: Note...

Carp Quarterly Report cover page
Nov. 2, 2016

Carp Quarterly Report for July to September 2016

Our staff have been busy over winter preparing for the upcoming carp season. Despite the cold, we kept up the fishing in Lake Sorell. Seven carp were caught in gill nets during July, August and September. We put radio transmitters in four of these and released them back into the lake. Our Carp Management Program...

Keen local angler Kerry Mancey helps unload the rainbow trout at Lake Dulverton today
Nov. 2, 2016

Lake Dulverton stocking

On Monday 85 wild adult brown trout averaging 1kg were transferred from a fish salvage on the central plateau into Lake Dulverton. This was complimented today with a further 110 rainbow trout weighing up to 2kg. These fish were donated by Snowy Range Trout Fishery. All fish were stocked into the town side of the...