June 2013 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

The IFS aims to produce quality trout like this at Four Springs Lake.
June 17, 2013

Four Springs Lake - Fisheries Performance Assessment

In response to falling catch rates and the need to investigate the success of recent trout stockings events at Four Springs Lake, the Service conducted a series of in-lake surveys during July and September 2012 and April 2013. The results of these surveys, in addition to a review of the postal questionnaire data and creel...

Lake Barrington will be drawn down below normal levels in the coming week.
June 14, 2013

Lake Barrington to fall below its notification level of 119.42m

In advance of a major outage at the Paloona Power station Lake Barrington will be draw down to its normal minimum operating level of 116.59 m; this is 5.33 m below the full supply level of the lake. It is expected to reach this level on Monday 17th June and then should start to refill,...

June 7, 2013

Meadowbank Lake refilled as Hydro Tasmania's works are completed

Meadowbank Lake is once again open to angling. One of two lake fisheries open all year round in the south of the state, it has been off line for two months as a fishery whilst it was drained for works to be carried out by Hydro Tasmania. The current (7/6/2013) level is 0.6 metres below...

The new straight ramp at the camp grounds at Lake Burbury.
June 6, 2013

MAST has recently completed the upgrade of the camping ground boat ramp on Lake Burbury

Taking advantage of the recent low level of the lake, the new 64 metre long ramp will aid the launching and retrieving of trailer boats down to a level of 7.00 metres below full supply. The single lane, 5.00 metre wide ramp will be a lot more user friendly now the undesirable “right hand turn”...

Anglers from the North West Fisheries Association assist with the release of trout into the River Leven.
June 5, 2013

River Leven stocked with adult brown trout

Tuesday 4 June 2013 the IFS stocked 300 adult brown trout fresh from the spawning run at Liawenee into the River Leven. The fish were released at Bannons Park on the Gunns Plains Road. A good turnout of anglers witnessed the release. These fish have yet to spawn and could provide a boost to natural...