Four Springs Lake - Fisheries Performance Assessment

The IFS aims to produce quality trout like this at Four Springs Lake.

In response to falling catch rates and the need to investigate the success of recent trout stockings events at Four Springs Lake, the Service conducted a series of in-lake surveys during July and September 2012 and April 2013.  The results of these surveys, in addition to a review of the postal questionnaire data and creel information collected during routine compliance activities, are presented in a Fisheries Performance Assessment Technical Report

In reading the report it should be noted that the results are based on a small sample of fish captured over the three sampling events. In response to these results, the Service is planning to undertake further survey work.  Prior to the commencement of the 2013/14 season a mark and recapture study is to be performed.  This study will involve 2,000 adult brown trout that have been released into the lake from the Liawenee spawning run.  A recapture survey will be undertaken in July to determine the proportion of transferred fin clipped fish, to non clipped resident brown trout and will enable the estimation of the overall trout population.  This survey will also assist in determining the presence of the 50,000 juvenile triploid brown trout stocked in December 2012.

The Service is committed to maintaining the quality of the trout fishery at Four Springs Lake, and will consider stocking and other options for ongoing management.

The report indicates that the Four Springs fishery has the potential to produce trout in the 3-4kg range however current harvest levels appear to be limiting. With this potential in mind anglers are strongly encourage to consider limiting their take.

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