December 2022 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Wild rainbow trout in the Liawenee Canal fish trap
Dec. 6, 2022

Starlings fish Arthurs Lake and check out the wild rainbow trout spawning

Steve and Jo Starling recently visited Tasmania to fish for trout. They had a great day fishing out on Arthurs Lake with Nick May of The Highland Fly trout guiding. The timing of their visit was during the annual wild rainbow trout spawning run from yingina / Great Lake up Liawenee Canal where they got an insight...

Littering at a popular camp site
Dec. 2, 2022

Please care for our camping areas

Littering is every ones problem at our lakes and rivers. Litter left behind by a small number of campers can affect the reputation and future access for all  anglers. If you witness littering please report it to the EPA Litter Reporting System Litter such as fishing line and plastics can threaten and injure our native wildlife such...

Pioneer boat ramp works
Dec. 2, 2022

Pioneer Lake boat ramp maintenance

IFS and MAST recently responded to requests from anglers to improve the condition of the Pioneer Lake boat ramp. An excavator was used to shape the ramp and turning area and improve drains to maintain the ramp in good condition. Pioneer Lake is an important regional fishery in the north east and is regularly stocked...