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Anglers, we need your help

The pest fish species, Redfin perch are present in the Mersey River

To work out how widely Redfin are spread in the Mersey River, its inflowing creeks and farm dams we need YOUR help.

Over the coming months if you catch a Redfin perch in the Mersey River or its catchment, please, can you:

  • Note
    • the location (GPS would be great),
    • date
    • time
  • take a photo or keep the fish
  • contact our local Fisheries Officer, Paul Middleton on 0427 988 728 or email him at

This information will help us to see what we can do about this pest.

For a copy of the flyer to please send to anyone you know who fishes in the Mersey catchment plea click here.

Thank you, from the Inland Fisheries Service

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