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December 2017 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

IFS Senior Fisheries Manager, Rob Freeman, with a Shannon Lagoon brown trout
Dec. 12, 2017

Shannon Lagoon performance assessment – the full result

During early October 2017, we undertook a survey of the trout population at Shannon Lagoon. Preliminary results showed the lagoon held a small population of larger than average trout. The completed Fisheries Performance Assessment - Shannon Lagoon 2017 report is now completed. For more Fisheries Performance Assessment result head to our publications.

The tree over Gunns Marsh Road at Cowpaddock bay
Dec. 12, 2017

Gunns Marsh Road blocked at Cowpaddock Bay

A large tree has fallen across Gunns Marsh Road at Cowpaddock Bay blocking access to the northern end of Cowpaddock Bay, Tumbledown and the track to Gunns and Little lakes. Contractors will clear the road early in the week commencing 18/12/17.