July 2015 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

800 gram fin clipped brown trout between two Tooms Lake residents
July 24, 2015

Tooms Lake survey shows big resident brown trout

Tooms Lake survey indicates big fish A fishery performance assessment was recently undertaken at Tooms Lake to establish an estimate of the brown trout population size and to examine recruitment of younger fish into the fishery from previous stockings and natural recruitment. The survey was also used to obtain the range of weights and lengths...

Tony Cross, Chris Fraser, Dudley Corbett, Brian Dutton, Jos Cross, Harrison Dutton, Noah Stephenson and Chloe Stephenson of the Penguin Angling club assisting Paul Middleton of IFS with the stocking of Ben Radcliff’s farm dam, a new public water.
July 17, 2015

Private Dams stocked for public fishing

Since the implementation of the Farm Dam Stocking for Public Fishing policy the IFS has stocked 23 private dams on eight individual private properties along the North West Coast for public fishing. The dams are located between Thirlstane in the east to West Ridgley in the west. IFS staff have successfully released fingerling and yearling...

Phillip Richards, Warren Baldock, Jacob Richards and Richard Baldock of the Wilmot Angling Club assisting Paul Middleton of IFS with the stocking of their new club dam at Wilmot.
July 16, 2015

IFS stocks dams for Angling Clubs

In a cooperative arrangement to promote trout fishing and club membership three private dams have been stocked with brown trout yearlings by the IFS for the Wilmot and Penguin Angling Clubs. These dams have been approved for stocking by the IFS for club activities including junior angling. The IFS and the Wilmot and Penguin clubs...