September 2014 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

Sept. 17, 2014

Opening of Rainbow Trout Waters on 4 October

The 2014/15 rainbow trout season is shaping up to be a good one with the current high water levels and recent catches of good sized fish in brown trout waters. With the opening of the waters known as the rainbow trout waters on Saturday 4 October and the great weather we have been experiencing, there...

The very high water levels have not seen a decrese in the nutrient load at Arthurs Lake.
Sept. 12, 2014

Arthurs Lake water quality

Due to drought conditions, Arthurs Lake level was drawn low in 2008. The lake started refilling in 2009 and has since reached very high levels. Hydro Tasmania has been monitoring Arthurs Lake periodically since 1991 and every year since 2008. The data indicates that there have been significant increases in phytoplankton, nutrients and turbidity levels...

As well as your Code the fishing signs at a location will also indicate whether a water is open to fishing.
Sept. 1, 2014

Consult your Fishing Code to check if a fishery is open

It has come to the attention of IFS that there have been people fishing in Dee Lagoon in recent weeks. To protect rainbow trout stocks and enable spawning Dee Lagoon does not open until 4 October 2014 and closes on 31 May 2015. The same open season applies to Junction Lake, Lake Meston, Lake Rowallan,...