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Learn about Tasmania’s freshwater fish with the new Inland Fisheries Service fish fact sheets

Inland Fisheries Service fish fact sheets

When most people think of freshwater fish they think of trout and eels, but Tasmania’s inland waters are home to 34 fish species. Of the 24 fish species native to Tasmania, 12 are endemic, meaning they are not found anywhere else.

A new resource on the IFS website is here to help you learn about the freshwater fish in Tasmania. Each of the 34 fact sheets detail the distribution, colour, size, diet, life cycle and legal status of each fish species. Each fact sheet has a photograph and illustration of the fish. There is also a map showing where they are currently found. Questions you may have about where else the fish are found, whether you can legally take them and if they are a threatened, pest or angling species are also answered.

This link will take you to the Fish Fact Sheets page: Fish Fact Sheets

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