Christmas holiday patrols wrap up - 2023

yingina / Great Lake rewarded many anglers over the Christmas/New Year period again

Over the Christmas/New Year period anglers around the State took advantage of some time off work and headed to their favourite trout fishing waters. Our Officers were on patrol and spoke with hundreds of anglers, with some outstanding fishing observed.

In the highlands, yingina / Great Lake fished well for all methods. Fly anglers reported good midge hatches in the mornings and wind lanes during the day. Lure anglers did well trolling on both surface and lead lines.

At Arthurs Lake fly anglers reported dun hatches from the Cowpaddock and Lilypads part of the lake, whilst trolling anglers reported mixed results.

Quality rainbow trout were reported from the Brady’s chain, mainly taken on powerbait, and there was a solid beetle fall seen on New Year’s Eve from the back shore of Lake Binney.

One group of anglers reported catching several large trout from Lake Crescent on hard body lures.

In the Western Lakes, good dun hatches were reported from O’dells Lake along with Lake Kay. Lure fishermen did very well in windy overcast conditions at lakes Augusta and Ada.

Penstock Lagoon is also fishing well, with good dun hatches occurring in the right conditions.

Low water levels on the Tyenna River have not prevented fly anglers from catching good numbers of small fish with other methods less productive.

At Lake Meadowbank, powerbait is proving very successful on rainbow trout. One angler landed four fish in less than an hour before catching another while talking to an IFS Officer. Trolled cobras are accounting for brown trout in deeper water.

Wayatinah Lagoon has been rising steadily and campers are catching good numbers of small brown trout. Trolling and lure casting have been the most effective methods.

On the West Coast, Lake Burbury fished well, as did Talbots Lagoon in the North West.

A pleasingly small number of infringement notices and conditional cautions were issued for Inland Fisheries and Marine and Safety Tasmania Legislation breaches.

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