Craigbourne Lake New Spillway Safety Boom

Spillway Safety Boom

Tasmanian Irrigation, MAST and the IFS have jointly funded the installation of a new spillway safety boom at Craigbourne Lake.

The new boom has enhanced boating safety for anglers by excluding water craft from the dam and spillway particularly during flood events.

The new 200 m long boom line, fabricated and installed by Hobart based Subsea Access, is made up of 99 yellow and orange pressure floats, 5 spill way marker buoys with St. Andrews Cross and warning signage. Reflective tape is fitted along the length of the boom to enhance visibility.

Craigbourne Lake is open to anglers all year round and is a popular water close to Hobart. The IFS stocks Craigbourne Lake regularly to enhance the quality of the fishing. Check the latest stocking at

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