A Christmas gift for the adventurous!

A collectors item!

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift for an adventurous, outdoor loving friend or loved one why not consider a freshwater angling licence. A range of angling licences are available. Go to the Inland Fisheries Service website for options and full details.

Also remember the Infish app 2.0 makes it easier to find fishing locations, angling notes and the latest stocking information.  The Angler Diary is now available in the App.  Use this to record your fishing adventures.

The Tasmanian Inland Fishing Code with all the rules is there. You can buy your licence.

You can also see water levels and the weather forecast around your favourite waters. The latest news and angler access maps are also available.

Take a fishing holiday at home with everything in your pocket.

It’s free on iOS and Android.

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