Gate to Nineteen Lagoons open


The Lake Augusta Rd from the boom gate through to Lake Ada was opened yesterday 29th Nov 2022.  Gates providing access to Talinah, Double Lagoon and Pillans tracks remain closed as conditions were deemed unsuitable for opening.  These tracks will be inspected again on (or around) 5th December 2022. 

Visitors are asked to proceed with caution due to road damage associated with the Lake Augusta spillway.  The road has been scoured by the overtopping spillway which has caused washouts and gravel deposits.  Whilst navigable by vehicle, a high clearance 4WD vehicle is recommended.

Access to Lake Augusta via Lake Augusta Road is open via a temporary, one-lane army bridge that crosses Ibbotts Rivulet. Visitors are reminded to drive to the conditions and comply with onsite signage.

The Parks and Wildlife Service will continue to keep you informed until these gates are opened.  Thank you for your patience at this time.

For any further information please contact the Great Western Tiers Field Centre on 6701 2104.

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