$2 000 tagged trout caught at Curries

Tony O'Shannessy with his $2 000 trout

Tony O'Shannessy has been fishing his local water, Curries River Reservoir, trying to catch one of the prized tagged trout over the last year. The fishing season at Curries River Reservoir reopened on Saturday 6 August and Tony was back out on his kayak looking for the elusive tagged trout. He caught 34 trout over the opening weekend with no sign of the tagged fish.

Tony slipped his kayak into the water yesterday morning and had another hot fishing session catching 6 fish quite quickly. On landing his 7th fish he noticed an orange tag below the dorsal fin of the brown trout with the word "WINNER" on it. While paddling off the water to report his catch he caught 4 more trout.

The fish was one of two brown trout released into Curries River Reservoir for the 2021-22 Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion. Fish from last year remain eligible for the prize this year. With this fish caught 3 fish still remain in Curries to be caught.

Tony said "I fished all last season trying to catch the tagged trout. I thought the sea eagle must have caught got it. I didn't take my eski on purpose because it i thought it would jinx me and then I caught it."

Tony hand paints his own lures. The biggest trout he has caught out of Curries was a 3kg brown trout that he released. Tony said "It is the best opening weekend I have ever had and it is going to be a great trout fishing season." Tony is heading back out there today to try and catch another one.

For details on where you can go and catch a tagged fish go to the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion.

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