Lake Crescent BIG brown trout


The Tasmanian brown trout season opens on Saturday 6 August. The La Nina weather pattern has been kind to the eastern side of Tasmania meaning trout fishing waters in that area have benefited from the rain and this is forecast to continue. Lake Crescent is one of the waters that has benefited and it is nearly full.

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is known to grow BIG brown trout up to 10kg and beyond when the environmental conditions are good. When the wetlands bare flooded they provide an almost unlimited food source for trout. The water in the wetlands can be crystal clear. Lake Crescent is a very dynamic and fertile trout fishery.

We are currently in a window where the lake is likely to fill and spill for the second year in a row. Last season reports started to sneak out that good brown trout to 4kg were being caught.

A boat is a definite advantage when fishing the lake although not totally necessary as there is plenty of good water that can be accessed on foot and by wading. A boat allows you to move around the lake more easily depending on the wind. There is only one boat ramp and that it in the outflow canal.


Although Lake Crescent looks big when you get out on it on a boat be careful. There are reefs and rocks in the most unexpected places, even way out in the lake. Due to its shallow nature and wide expanse, it can get very rough. Check the weather forecast.

Best time to fish.

The best time to fish the lake is August to November before things heat up and again in April but the level is normally lower by then and not quite as good. The baitfish spawn around the rocks and in wetlands during spring if the water level is high so wading from the shore and prospecting with a lures or wet fly is worthwhile along and near any of the drains. At low light periods fish can be found “busting up” on bait fish schools.

Black, green and gold coloured lures and wet flies work best .

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