Carp Management Program achieving positive results


Tasmania’s world-leading carp eradication program is achieving very encouraging results.
In the past year, only three carp were captured in Lake Sorell by the Inland Fisheries Service and it appears that few, if any, now remain.
Extensive fishing efforts were undertaken during spring and summer 2020-21 and three carp were removed – one female and two males which were infected with the jelly gonad condition.
This year’s Carp Management Program annual report says there does not appear to be any fertile males left in Lake Sorell and juvenile carp surveys during and after the normal spawning season did not find any sign of recruitment.
All water released from Lake Sorell is still being screened as a precautionary measure and no carp were found in Lake Crescent or the River Clyde surveys.
A total of 41,499 carp have now been removed from Lake Sorell which is a 53 square kilometre body of water, and carp fishing will continue in 2021-22 focusing on specific times like key weather events and potential spawning times.
It is planned that Lake Sorell will remain open for public recreational use and angling.

Read the Carp Management Program Annual Report 2020-21

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