Brown trout waters close for the 2020-21 season

Hatchery and Stocking Manager Brett Mawbey with another quality brown trout at Arthurs Lake
The brown trout season has closed to protect spawning fish around the State

Most of waters around the State closed yesterday, Sunday 2 May 2021.

If you didn’t get enough fishing time this season there are inland waters still open to angling.

Fisheries open until Sunday 30 May are:

  • Lake Mackintosh; 
  • Lake Rosebery; 
  • the lower sections of Brumbys Creek downstream from Weir 1 on Brumbys Creek to its junction with the Macquarie River; 
  • the lower section of the Macquarie River downstream from its junction with Brumbys Creek to its confluence with the South Esk River; 
  • the lower section of the Meander River downstream from the bridge on Selbourne Road at Hagley to its confluence with the South Esk River; 
  • the section of the South Esk River downstream from the bridge on Storys Creek Road at Avoca to a point upstream of its confluence with Lake Trevallyn;
  • Dee Lagoon;
  • Lake Mackintosh;
  • Lake Rosebery;
  • Lake Rowallan;
  • Lake Skinner;
  • Mersey River above Lake Rowallan and the associated upper Mersey lakes rainbow fishery (Lakes Meston, Junction and Youd);
  • River Leven above the Loongana Bridge;
  • Weld River in the North East above Harridge Falls; and
  • Weld River in the South above the confluence of the Huon River.

Fisheries open all year round are:

  • Brushy Lagoon;
  • Craigbourne Dam;
  • yingina/Great Lake other than Canal Bay;
  • Huntsman Lake;
  • Huon River downstream of the Huonville Bridge;
  • Lake Barrington;
  • Lake Burbury;
  • Lake Meadowbank;
  • Lake Pedder;
  • Lake King William;
  • North Esk River and kanamaluka/River Tamar downstream of the Lower Charles Street Bridge;
  • Pioneer Lake;
  • River Derwent downstream of the New Norfolk Bridge;
  • River Leven downstream of the Whisky Creek; and
  • South Esk River downstream of the West Tamar Road Bridge

Why do the waters close? To protect the brown trout on their spawning runs. The fish-breeding season provides us with a new group of fish to catch for years to come.

Have a great time enjoying the open waters, keep safe in the winter weather conditions and tight lines!

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