River Derwent tagged trout research

A tagged wild adult brown trout being released into the River Derwent

We recently tagged 400 wild adult brown trout and released them into the River Derwent above Bridgewater. Each trout has a single green tag with a four-digit number. We are going to use these fish to investigate the movements and growth of brown trout in the River Derwent. They will also tell us how easy the trout are to catch.

For the next two years, if you catch one of these fish with a green tag, please tell us. Let us know the tag number, where you caught the fish, it’s length and weight.

Report tagged fish by email to infish@ifs.tas.gov.au or phone 1300 IN FISH (130 463 474)

There is no need to release these fish, we just want to know if you catch one.

We are also keen to know how many other untagged trout are caught. If you fish the River Derwent for trout, please contact us and we will send you an IFS Tasmanian Inland Recreational Anglers Logbook. You can record your catch.

Now, do not confuse these tagged fish with the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion fish, which have orange tags. The fish with orange tags are worth $2000 each to the lucky angler who catches them. There are three fish with orange tags in the River Derwent.

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