The Brown Trout Fishing Season Opens in ! Get Your Licence

Flooded rivers = good fishing

Meander River in flood

The brown trout fishing season is now well underway and there has been lots of great fishing reported. With recent rain and more forecast the major rivers are in flood.

This makes for great bait fishing conditions. Trout have just returned from spawning and are hungry to put condition back on after the winter. They will seek out newly flooded river margins in search of worms and other food that has been washed down in the flood.

Side pockets of slack water off to the side of the main current are the best spot to try. Especially in spots where farm drains or small creeks enter the main river. Trout will move to these spots and search for food.

Use the smallest sinker possible to cast, or even better no sinker. Fish your bait inert with an open bail on your reel and wait for the tell-tale movement of the line! It is important to give the trout a bit of time to swallow the bait properly and hook itself.

The Mersey River around Kimberley, the Leven River at Gunns Plains, the Meander River, the mid to lower reaches of the South Esk River and the Macquarie River are all worth a visit and will provide good fishing. Tight lines.

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