Rainbow Trout Waters to Open

rainbow trout
Rainbow trout season to open

The 2020-21 rainbow trout season is shaping up to be a good one with the opening on Saturday 3 October. Lake Rowallan will open and give anglers the chance to catch the $10 000 tagged brown trout that has been released into this water. For more details go to the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion.

Tasmania’s rainbow trout waters are:
• Dee Lagoon
• Junction Lake
• Lake Meston
• Lake Rowallan
• Lake Skinner
• Lake Youd
• Mersey River above Lake Rowallan
• River Leven upstream of Loogana Road Bridge
• Weld rivers (both North and South)

Most of the waters are fairly remote and lakes Junction, Meston, Youd, Skinner and the Mersey River above Lake Rowallan are waters that you need to walk to but they are great fisheries that offer a range of fantastic fishing opportunities.

Dee Lagoon is an accessible lake on the central plateau. It has good access with two formal boat ramps, one of which was recently upgraded. There are also a number of informal boat ramps.

All these waters will close on 30 May 2021. Please check the 2020-21 Tasmanian Inland Fishing Code for the regulations on these waters as some are restricted to artificial methods and others are very distinct sections of rivers.

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