Bradys Lake Tagged Fish - Update

Please contact us with tagged fish details

Following the release of 3,500 tagged fish into Bradys Lake during May/June this year, reports of tagged fish captured by anglers have been steadily flowing in.  As of 23 September, 19 tagged fish have been captured and reported by anglers.  Of these, 9 have been captured from Bradys Lake, 6 from Lake Binney and 4 from Tungatinah Lagoon.  This shows a movement ‘downstream’ by the fish. As it’s still early in the season, these fish have yet to put on any notable weight. 

Anglers are encouraged to report the capture of these tagged fish, noting the tag number, location captured and if possible the length and weight of the fish.  All tags are a distinctive green colour and sit just below the fin on the fishes back.  We are also keen to know if any of these tagged fish turn up in Bronte Lagoon. 

There is no requirement to release these fish, we just want to know if you catch one, along with the tag number and location. 

Report tagged fish via email: OR phone 6165 3808

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