Hydro Tasmania - King and Yolande Sustainability Review

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Why are reviews important?

We regularly conduct sustainability reviews of the catchments we use for generating hydropower. This year our focus is on the King and Yolande catchments. Our study aims to increase our knowledge of the lakes and waterways as well as the reasons that people value them. The feedback you provide, together with current scientific and social knowledge, may provide valuable insights into future water management practices.

What stage is this review at?

The findings from our initial studies of the King and Yolande catchments and reservoirs (as well as information on our operations in the region), will be available on our website from mid September 2019.

Your opinion matters

Our sustainability reviews are always done in consultation with the community. We are keen to know more about the benefits to you/your business as well as any impacts you see as a result of our operations in the King and Yolande catchments. Community feedback is important to ensure we can focus on the right topics.

To have your say, complete our feedback survey – available from 18 September 2019 at www.hydro.com.au or call us on 1300 360 441 to obtain a copy.

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