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Cast a line and your vote

Trout Weekend
The road is now sealed to the center of trout universe - Liawenee

This weekend don't forget to vote in the federal election if you haven't already done so. On the way to Liawenee Trout Weekend you can cast your vote between 8am - 6pm at  the following locations

- Deloraine High School Hall       East Barrack Street

- Bothwell Council Chambers      19 Alexander Street

- Longford War Memorial Hall    53 Wellington Street

- Miena Community Centre        55-57 Cider Gum Drive

Remember that yingina/Great Lake (except Canal Bay) is open for fishing all year so you can cast a line on the way past. Fishing will be available for junior anglers at Trout Weekend between 10am - 3pm both on Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 May. Get more information about Trout Weekend here

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