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photo of carp management team
Carp team at their workshop

The Carp Management Program held its yearly Workshop on 9 May. We looked over the past year's work and started planning for the coming year.

The Workshop provided an update for the Minister responsible for Inland Fisheries, the Honourable Guy Barnett. The Minister offered his support and the team appreciated his words of encouragement.

The day involved presentations and discussions of different aspects of the data collected during 2018-19. This gave an understanding of how the carp removal is progressing, the findings for the season and what can be done to complete the eradication of carp from Tasmania.

Key findings were:

- No carp were found in Lake Crescent or downstream in the River Clyde.

- Carp are contained to Lake Sorell.

- No spawning or small carp were found in Lake Sorell.

- The fishing effort was more than last year but we caught less than a half of the number of carp. This shows that the carp population is being fished out.

- Studies of the “jelly gonad” disease which causes sterility is now affecting 50% of male carp caught.

- 41 491 carp have been removed from Lake Sorell since 1995.

- We now estimate that less than 20 carp remain in Lake Sorell.


To see the latest Tasmanian Carp Management Program video view here

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