Carp Management Program update on Lake Sorell

Carp Manahement Program Jonah Yick with one of the four carp, which pushed into a barrier fyke, net this season, in response to warming water temperatures and rising lake levels.
Carp Management Program leader Jonah Yick with a carp caught during the 2018-19 season

We would like to update you on the Carp Management Program.

There has been great progress over the past 12 months. Winter 2018 created good inflows, flooding the wetlands in Lake Sorell. These high and rising levels provided perfect spawning cues for carp as the temperature increased through late spring and early summer 2018.

Even with the ideal conditions, the hard work of the Carp Management team seems to have worked. Recent surveys did not find juvenile carp and we have only caught 39 adults for the 2018-19 season.

We now estimate there are less than 20 carp left. Eradication remains likely within the next 18 months.

We had hoped for a limited re-opening of Lake Sorell in 2019. Because the carp eradication activities are ongoing, we have decided that Lake Sorell will remain closed below its high water mark to the public in support of the program until at least early 2020.

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