Leading angling writer reflects on his visit to Tasmania

Brown trout heaven - Western Lakes Tasmania - Brooklyn Etherington

Kirk Deeter is a leading angling journalist from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA. In December 2018 we reported that Kirk had just been to Tasmania and had enjoyed the fishing and hospitality.

He recently published a glowing article sharing his experiences with the world in Angling Trade's Spring 2019 issue, "Tasmania... in the Trout-fishing World, What’s Old Is New.". Flip to page 6 to read the article.

About Kirk Deeter

Kirk Deeter is the editor of Angling Trade.  He is also an editor-at-large for Field & Stream magazine, and the editor-in-chief of TROUT magazine, the national publication of Trout Unlimited.  He has written and fished throughout the world, and his work also has appeared in other media including WIRED, Garden & Gun, USA Today, London’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, and the full range of fly-fishing magazines and websites.  He is also the co-author of The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing.

About Angling Trade

Angling Trade is an independent, quarterly publication that covers the business of fly fishing in North America. The magazine includes features by some of the most respected fishing and business writers from throughout the country. Angling Trade is based in Boulder, Colorado USA.



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