Advice to not eat fish from the lower North Esk River

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Public Health Services has detected per- and poly-fluroalkyl substance (PFAS) in fish (including eels) from the North Esk River downstream of Corra Linn Gorge.

The North Esk River re-opens to fishing on Saturday 3 August and anglers are reminded of the advice from Public Health Services not to eat any fish, including eels, caught in this stretch of the river until further notice. The upper North Esk and nearby St Patricks rivers offer excellent alternatives where the fish caught may be eaten. 

PFAS was detected in fish samples taken near the dog park in St Leonards and from near Corra Linn. PFAS was not detected in fish from upstream towards Blessington.

Although PFAS has not been proven to cause any specific human illnesses, the Australian Government recommends human exposure to them be minimised.

Public Health Services are following this precautionary approach to PFAS, working with other Tasmanian authorities to minimise the risks of exposure to food, soil and water containing elevated PFAS levels.

More information on PFAS can be found at:

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