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Parks and Wildlife Service Update

An image of fire, a tanker and fire fighters attending a large blaze near Miena in Tasmania's central highlands.
The fire near Miena in Tasmania's central highlands.

A number of fires are burning in remote parks and reserves across Tasmania.

As assessment of the fire situation continues, access to some parks and reserve areas are being closed and managed for public safety.

Many tracks, roads and areas have been closed until further notice, along with a number of campgrounds - a full list is available at:

Recreational fishers and parks visitors are urged to abide by track changes and remember that fires under hot, dry and windy conditions can travel very fast. 

What to do 

PWS encourages all visitors planning to visit the State’s national parks and reserves to: 

  1. stay informed in case conditions change; 
  2. check in at visitor centres for the latest information, 
  3. heed advice at track heads, 
  4. follow directions of PWS staff at national parks and reserves; and
  5. monitor the PWS & Tasmania Fire Service websites and ABC local radio
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