The Tumbledown Creek bridge is closed

The Tumbledown Creek Bridge with the word 'closed' super imposed over the image.
The Tumbledown Creek Bridge

Tumbledown Creek Bridge next to Arthurs Lake is closed. The bridge allowing access to Little Lake and Gunns Lake. The deteriorating structural condition is causing the closure.


This timber bridge was originally built nearly 15 years ago. It provided access to transmission lines. Hydro Tasmania (HT) left the bridge in place to allow recreational users access to Little Lake and Gunns Lake


HT advised that it is unlikely the adjacent ford will be crossable until the lake level reduces in the mid-summer months. HT estimate high clearance vehicles can pass through the ford when the Arthurs Lake water level is more than 1.8m below full supply level. However, it is up to individuals to assess whether conditions are appropriate to allow safe fording.


You can find up to date information on the lake levels the Hydro Tasmania website.


HT thank you for your patience. If you have any question please contact Anna Blake:

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