2018 Golden galaxias survey in Lakes Sorell and Crescent

A golden galaxias

Between 19 and 21 March we conducted the annual golden galaxias (Galaxias auratus) survey.  This is the 13th year in a row we have surveyed lakes Sorell and Crescent for this native fish.

We used fine-mesh fyke nets set overnight. At three locations in each lake, we set four fyke nets. We recorded the number of golden galaxias captured per fyke net. There were 1 091 golden galaxias were caught in Lake Crescent, and 1 176 in Lake Sorell.

We also recorded the fork lengths of 100 golden galaxias from each lake. This showed a range of year classes were present with fork lengths from 45 to 150 mm.

We will now compare these results with the results from previous years’ surveys. This will help us understand how the population and health of the golden galaxias in lakes Sorell and Crescent relates to the Lakes Water Management Plan and the activities of the Carp Management Program.

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