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Training to protect our waterways

Published on Oct. 13, 2017
Training officers in valuing our freshwater environment

Recently, Rob Freeman of the Inland Fisheries Service presented to a group of Forest Practices Officers (FPO’s) as part of their requirement to develop and maintain the necessary skills to assess ecological values relating to forestry operations.

Over the week the FPO’s received training on fauna, flora and legislative requirements. As part of this training Rob presented to the group about the need to recognise and consider the presence of freshwater fish and value the environment where they live. In particular threatened freshwater fish, such as the Swan galaxias, Clarence galaxias and dwarf galaxias were looked at but the general theme was looking after fish habitat and our waterways .

Following the presentation, the group visited the Sandspit River at Wielangta near Orford, were they observed five different species of fish and discussed the need to maintain suitable habitat freshwater fish.

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