Farm Dam Stocking

Brett Mawbey, IFS hatchery manager getting into the Christmas spirit

On Monday Brett and Paul stocked farm dams in the North West of the state. These dams are open to public fishing.  We stock them regularly to ensure good, ongoing fish, for anglers. One-gram brown trout fry were released.  This follows up on the fish releases in 2014 and 2015. Talking to the farmers, plenty of anglers have been fishing the dams and catching good fish this season.

We would like to thank the landowners for letting their dams to be stocked. Remember, access to these dams is a privilege, not a right. All warnings and access rules on the signs at each dam entry point need to be followed. In general, it’s foot access only. Please don’t park over gates, leave gates open, litter, light fires, take pets or camp.

On our website is a list of the farm dams stocked for public fishing.

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